Foster an environment for ideas

17 11 2011

As a manager you do not have all the answers. Sure you may have your college degree and years of experience, but I can guarantee that something that you are doing is wrong or could be done better. As a manager it is important that you allow your employees to speak their minds and really take into account what they are saying. If one person does not like a policy or a process then odds are that other employees feel the same way. Employees need to have a say in the decision and policy making of the managers. Now it is certainly unreasonable to to have collaborative meetings where everyone will agree on the way things should be done, but there are ways to make it better. Set up advisory boards or councils that make up a group of employees. This group should be a diverse group from different parts of the business that are willing to speak on behalf of their coworkers. This will lead to happier employees since they will feel that their voice is important.

For employees don’t complain and talk shit behind you boss’s back. No good can come from this and if you are known as one who talks behind peoples backs than opportunity will not be available. Instead of complaining in the break room over a cup off coffee, set up a meeting with coworkers or your manager and come up with a solution for the problem that you are having. If all you do is complain and never brainstorm a way that something could be done better, than nothing will get done and you will just have to live with the policies that you have. If you are an employee in a situation where your boss does not allow for suggestions, than maybe it is time to look elsewhere for a job or go over their head. As long as collaboration exists between managers and employees than everyone should be happy.




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