Black Friday

25 11 2011

The notorious black Friday was yesterday, and businesses everywhere had to be fully staffed in order to handle the volume of people. When asking employees to come in on Black Friday, as an employer it is important to make them feel extra valued for being there. No one wants to give up family time to deal with a mob of frantic Christmas shoppers who are fighting each other for a good deal. As much fun as that sounds, most people would like to be home watching football and eating leftover turkey. I had the pleasure of going out on Thursday night in search for a good deal, but was met with crabby customers and employees heckling over a few dollars. Lines were long, people were impatient, and there were screaming children everywhere. Is that what the holidays are becoming to be about? When did Black Friday shopping start Thursday night? These poor minimum wage employees are now required to work after their Thanksgiving Feast instead of the next morning. As a society we are becoming so wrapped up in shopping and saving a few bucks that we are forgetting that the holidays are about spending time with family and enjoying what you have. I understand the need for businesses to be open on these days, but I would encourage employers to allow for flexibility on those family days and be sure that you are compensating accordingly. Boots workplace moral, and be sure to treat your customer service reps that have to sacrifice for you like rock stars. To see how citys handled Black Friday volume check out’s




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