Small Business Saturday

26 11 2011

It is one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year as consumers prepare for Christmas! Peoples wallets’ are a little bit lighter this year so everyone is looking to save money. Although, as my previous blog post eludes to, I strongly believe that family time is invaluable, but without this big weekend many businesses would struggle. Small Business Saturday is a two year old tradition that is sponsored by American Express. It is a chance for small retailers to take advantage of the large spending volume of the weekend. It is next to impossible for small businesses to compete on price with the large retailers. Lets be real a local electronics shop is not going to be able to offer forty inch flat screens at two hundred bucks a pop like Best Buy can, but there are ways to attract consumers to your business.

For starters you should be promoting any and all deals via your social network.

Offer deals in areas where you are able to take a small hit. If selling large quantities of things offer a discount bigger than normal to try and turn a lot of volume.

Be sure to have great customer service so that people are likely to spread the word about the deals that you are having.

If you are not in a position to offer and cheaper prices on things, than throw in a little extra for the same price.

Be sure to participate in any small business activities around town to get your name out there!





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