Taking the Plunge

14 08 2012

Having just graduated from Nevada with a bachelors degree the last thing I wanted to do was go back to school. I am fortunate to have a full time job with benefits and a modest salary, but I have come to the quick realization that a BS does not cut it anymore. Entry level jobs for recent college grads are certainly not what they used to be, so I am told, so going back to school does not seem like that bad of an option. Now that the decision has been made it is time for next steps. I know that I want to go for my MBA, but what should i specialize in? I do not want several more years of the same classes that I have already completed, and want something that is more useful than a management degree. Finance it is! Now I just need to start the process of applying.  The first, and worst, part of starting the application process is taking the GMAT. I am taking mine in a little less than a month and naturally have hardly started to study for it. It is entirely too hard to find motivation to study after being out of school for several months. In addition it’s the middle of summer and between weddings and golf who has time to study? The next month will prove to be challenging and we will just have to see how I do on this lovely test.